Hi, I am Anne Lattrell.

I am a music loving photographer based in Vermont. My photography journey began while I was a teenager. I used to set up photo shoots with friends, and then began photographing the world around me. I took a few years away from my camera as I pursued schooling in social sciences.

My life is surrounded by music and it made sense to find a way to be a part of the scene. When I picked up my camera again, it was to capture the feel of live music. From my husband's shows, to friend's shows, my passion for capturing live music emerged. The journey picked up speed from there, and continues to grow.

The beauty of photography is capturing moments in time. Whether freezing a moment on stage, capturing the giggles and joyfulness of children, or capturing love in an image; it's moments saved for all of time. From my photos, my hope is that each one brings viewers to the moment, whether you were there in person or not.